Construction machines that fit your need and fit your budget. Our machines change the playing field for getting your project done. Compact, agile and versatile. We build simple machines that are easy to use and easy to maintain. We guarantee our machines will never need a laptop. Get your job done with hydraulic accessories, easy to use controls and a simple reliable platform. Those hard jobs just became easy. If you need a small machine and you don’t have one, it is already costing you money.

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Duster is a Canadian born compact machinery idea based in Saskatchewan. A machine is a tool and a tool should be simple to operate and easy to own. We bring simple and affordable machines to a construction market saturated with overly complicated and expensive comparables. Our machines never need a laptop to service and we do not host on board computers. When you need little job done, you need a lil’ Duster.

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Simplifying Compact Machinery

Duster is a Canadian-born company specializing in uncomplicated and budget-friendly compact machinery from Saskatchewan. We believe in simplicity and accessibility in machinery. Our equipment is easy to use, doesn’t require a laptop for servicing, and avoids onboard computers. When you have a small task, trust a lil’ Duster to handle it efficiently.

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